Episode 100 - Is the EIA storage data accurate? Mark LaCour discusses


In his career, Mark has sold over $305 million to the oil & gas industry and has had over 2,200 meetings with almost every oil & gas company that you can name. He’s done business in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil and in the good ol’ US of A. He is the director of public relations for the American Petroleum Institute (the API) Houston chapter, the largest group representing the oil & gas industry to congress.

Mark has a well-earned reputation as an industry “insider” and independent 3rd party market researcher. He is an author, sits on several oil & gas boards, has one of the top oil & gas presences in social media and when he not volunteering his time teaching STEM’s at local schools he helps other companies sell their products and services to oil and gas companies at modalpoint.com.





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