Episode 44 - Optimizing Water Usage

On today’s episode, JImit Shah and Nishant Garg with Flow Labs visits The Global Energy Leaders Podcast to discuss how optimizing water usage helps every aspect of life, including energy.

Our Guests:

Jimit Shah

Jimit Shah was born and raised in Mumbai, India in a tiny 150 sq ft room with 10 family members living together. He recognized and learned the importance of using resources wisely, including water. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Following that, he worked at Texas Instruments, where he helped consumer and industrial customers get their hardware products out the door using TI technology. He also helped several software companies build core products while at Imaginea Technologies. He then co-founded Flow Labs with an aspiration to shift the mindset around water consumption.




Nishant Garg

Nishant Garg was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, his parents immigrated to the US from India 35 years ago. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Economics from University of Florida. After graduating he worked at Texas Instruments, where he helped customers like Nest, Fitbit and Leapfrog build their hardware products. Nishant is an optimist and loves to travel. He is the co-founder of Flow Labs, where he is looking to make a difference in how the world looks at water.




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Until next time, keep climbing.

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