Episode 42 - Legacies vs. Automation the future of American Rig Hands

On today’s episode, Brian Mitchell visits The Global Energy Leaders Podcast to discuss the future of the American Rig Hands, Legacies vs. Automation.


I started working in the oil and gas industry in 1983. Since then I've worked in 20 states and 16 basins. I've been a roustabout, pumper, field superintendent; constructed pipelines, compressor stations and gas and oil processing plants; worked every position on drill rigs from wires and tires rigs to walking automated drill rigs; have been a company man and consultant with a few other twists.
During that time I've contributed to a number of record breaking projects and maintained an outstanding safety record with no lost time incidents under my supervision.
My first mentor worked on wooden derricks in the 1930's so I feel like I'm a connection across multiple generations in the patch. Over the years I've had the greatest gift of all, working with many of the finest people on earth with an opportunity to learn something every day.



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